Friday, September 14, 2012

Dance, Senses, and Distrust of the Body

I came across this article on Julia Rae Antonick's Facebook feed, and it just exemplifies so much of why dance is still at the bottom of the arts hierarchy. 

 Dance, Senses, and Distrust of the Body

Why is dance and body-based performance so hard to understand, or watch, or make?  Miguel argues (and I agree) it's because of our Western mistrust with our bodies.  Most of us  are afraid to access the true depth of life in a body and so when we see dance, we don't know how to interpret what we see and may or may not feel.    

Miguel Gutierrez is a choreographer who's work I have yet to see, but I know I will love, just from pictures, clips, and things I've read about him.  Kind of a punk rock Joe Goode.  His company is FINALLY coming to the Dance Center this next January.   AWESOME. 

When I try to create performance work, or working with my clients with massage the idea of sensing what the body will tell permeates my goals, but this is still such a hard thing to access.  The body has to be willing, trusting, and unafraid to interpret corporal experiences.   And when you let the body access that information, how do you let it change the way you move or understand, everything?  

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